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​​​​​​Time Zone

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Time Zone app eliminates any confusion with the time zone difference and makes work of international teams much easier. It provides the followi​​​​​ng features:

  • ​Displays time zone for current user​​

  • SharePoint themes supported​

  • CSS customization for branding purposes supported

  • Displays the quick link to navigate to the profile page to configure the time zone of the current user​​


​​App doesn't work on a SharePoint public site due to JS limitations for anonymous users​​


  1. Open the page where the Time Zone app part will be placed.

  2. Press the Edit Page button in the Ribbon.

  3. Select a place (a Web Part Zone) and click Insert -> App Part in the Ribbon.

  4. Choose Time Zone and press the Add button.

  5. After the App is added, you can change ​the message prefix (Default: 'Current time zone: '). You need to open app part settings and modify Message Prefix property under the Time Zone​ section​​.​​


​​​ ​​​

Please contact us​ if you experience any issues.